all of the good stuff,
none of the bad.


Why is Norti different?

Norti Nutrition hates compromises. Why do other products make you sacrifice taste for health? Or Convenience for health.
Norti does it all. It will have all of your customers talking. It is delicious chocolate that has all of the good stuff and none of the bad.




NORTI Performance BaR

The flagship of the NORTI range. This bar has it all. Packed with over 9gs of premium hemp protein, digestive enzymes to supercharge your digestion, pre and probiotics to boost your gut-health and no nasties like gluten, added sugar or dairy to weigh you down. Do more and do better with NORTI’s Performance Bar.


NORTI Low Carb Bar

It’s Keto friendly, low carbohydrate and delicious. With pre and probiotics to keep things running smoothly you’ll be glad you discovered NORTI’s Low Carb Bar. Like all our products it’s got no added gluten, dairy or sugar making it vegan friendly and perfect for everybody.



The perfect snack size for you or your own little monsters! With added pre and probiotics and a digestive enzyme to help out those little monster bellies this is sure to become a family favourite. Of course there’s no nasties like gluten, sugar or dairy to worry about either making it perfect for lunch boxes.


Want to learn all about our ingredients and why? Check out our product info here.